Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Have you ever heard someone say something so stupid--"Living a wonderful lifestyle like the ones you read about on TV." WTF?

Why are you trife? Have you always been that way? Were you ever my friend? Do you have any real friends? I was ride or die. You make me wonder do your lies create your bad situation.

What is up with my friends and men? I have noticed that most of my friends with two degrees are manless but the ones with one degree are happily married or getting ready to walk down the aisle. Does that mean I need to give UGA my degree back to get married?

Are you really happy with more than one man but no relationship?

Am I really happy with status quo?

If I wanted a cut friend you would not be it--what we had didn't work and I personally don't think your current girlfriend would appreciate me cozying up to her man (she really doesn't know what she got herself into--I am not the one to tell her especially since she doesn't "know me from a can of paint" (damn Bridezillas).)

So what kind of person are you that you can't send a rejection letter? I have learned a lot about lack of professionalism in the past couple of months from you.

Thank you God for my sisters and friends. I think I have more sisters than friends--thank you all for listening to my dramatics. If you didn't know I love you all. I want to especially thank T.B. and A.G. for listening to me talk about absolutely nothing. If you ever need me you know how to reach me.

I have a job interview and I really want this job.

I miss D.H. If only we lived in the same state.

Shouldn't you question your relationship when the man tells you specifically not to tell a certain person about the relationship? Why do you two have different versions of the relationship? Did you know he just broke up with his girlfriend and had been trying to get back with her while you two were talking for years?

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Esquire08 said...

I love you girl!!!! You are going to get the job, move to Atlanta, we are going to hang out and shop and find rich men and RETIRE!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!