Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Random Thoughts of the Past Week

1. On the 4th I was listening to the radio and I just didn't want to hear music so I turned to a talk radio show (I was listening to Al Sharpton--mistake #1 I guess). The show was about black men and polygamy. So the person on Al's show agreed with black men practicing polygamy and at this point I was livid. I tried to listen but the quote that I must paraphrase made me reach for the dial, "The problem with men and promiscuity is that we don't allow men to monopolize and control women." I wish I could say that I dreamed this statement up but I had a friend in the car and we discussed the b.s. behind this statement. The woman said that the black community would be better if black men were allowed to be polygamous b/c more people would have fathers in their homes. I disagree with this because from what I have seen men don't want to be married. They just want to have unprotected sex with numerous women and women allow it to happen. Do you really think a man would marry if he can do what he wants to do without marriage?

2. What the hell was this weekend? Did you have to tell such an elaborate story? I appreciate how your lies have brought some other friends close together.

3. Things you shouldn't do in church--clean your ears out. Why do you have q-tips at church and even if you do should you really be cleaning your ears out?

4. Why don't I write stuff down--I have the worst short term memory ever and whenever I go shopping I can't remember what I need when I go to the store.

5. What happens to your career when you appear on ANTM? I was just watching TV and I saw one of those chicks in a Chili's commercial. I can't think of her name but she has lupus--shouldn't her career be doing better or does placing your career in Tyra's hand just mean a quick end to your career?

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