Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Random Thoughts for Today

Why does it feel so right sometimes and then other days it just doesn't? Right now it feels right but that could be because he put a smile on my face--a really big one :)

I am worried about you! Stop taking that! You are worth so much more. I can't make you love you, only you can do that. I honestly don't see you loving you. Remember if you don't love you, no one else can.

Thanks for calling me back! It is great reconnecting with you. Too bad some b.s. brought us back together. Actually when I sent you the email in January it stemmed from the same person.

Are all little kids bad? Am I wrong to know that when I have kids they are going to feel the wrath of mommy. This weekend my little cousins were visiting my house. The youngest decided to tell my grandmother to shut her mouth. Do you know that little heffa (yes I spelled it that way--had to get my point across) got popped on the hand and then her father told her you don't talk to adults like that. These same people used to spank (i.e. beat) me if I said what instead of yes when my name was called.

Ladies check out Suze Orman's book about women and money. The plan seems too simple but I think it works.

Anybody want to chip in on my down payment for a new car?

I have never given birth but looking at my mother and some other mothers I wonder how can you be a part-time parent.

Do your parents have favorite children? If so, do the children that aren't favorite children have a healthy relationship with your parents?

Why feel the need to be faithful if you aren't in a relationship with the person?

How do you just disappear? Since you disappeared will you have the nerve to reappear?

How do you think I called 911? I left your side for maybe 5 minutes and I didn't have a phone with me when I left.

Why is it so hard to let go of some people and others you can let go just like that?

Taboo is fun but please learn how to read! The word is lobby not library! Hilarious!

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