Monday, May 5, 2008

I Know I Have Been M.I.A.

Last week was rough and this time of year gets me. My allergies have completely lost their minds and thrown me for a loop.

It all went downhill on Tuesday. I had a closing in the middle of nowhere on the road to nowhere. The closing went ok and it didn't take very long. I get up to leave and get in the car. The car will not crank up at all. The battery is dead. I am in my mother's car and just so you know BMW's don't have batteries in the hood. The people were nice enough to help us out and after 5 tries the battery comes back to life. We get home (my mom always comes with me when my closings are late and far away) and my mother says she will drive my car and I can go get her a new battery. That is fine with me but the next question is does Sears sell the battery for your car. She says yes I am almost positive they do. I get up the next day and go to get the battery. Get to Sears and drumroll please...of course they don't sell the battery for her car. I call her and she is so frantic like she is doing all the work. I then have to remind her that she is at working chilling on her break while I am hunting down a battery for her car. (By the way if you think I am dramatic my mother is 5 times worse.) The guy at Sears helps me find a battery for the car and I make it to the parts store and the manager installs the battery which is in the trunk. It was a very tiring day but I handled my business and my mother's business.

Later on that night I try to install my new printer and of course the installation didn't work. Daddy dearest was of no help even though he purchased the printer. He kept trying to get me to work on the printer but I had a killer headache. All I could do was pray that God let me go to sleep.

I don't remember much of Thursday except that I was irritable from the fact that I couldn't install the printer.

Friday, Granny has a bank issue. Some company has taken money out of her account. She claims she didn't give out her bank information. She was adamant about it. Well today she said she did give the information. I was pissed b/c I went off on those people I mean I was professional at first but it sounded like a scam and they wouldn't give me the number to corporate so I could file a complaint.

Saturday was much better but that was probably because I left the house. I actually went to Atlanta. I got to hang out with one of my law school friends. She took me to lunch. We met these two guys and it was quite entertaining. The guy who did all the talking would be mad if he knew that I called him entertaining. He said fools entertain. I didn't have the heart to tell him he was a fool. After that I went back to my other friend's house and read a book. Then the man took me to the movies (I don't know what to call him so for now he is the man). We saw Street Kings. It was an interesting movie. I say that because I realize that I look for the good in all people and I was just shocked by all the "bad people" in the movie. I thought about that after the movie too. I always look for the good people and I think that is why I get hurt a lot by so called friends.

I spent the night at the man's house unintentionally. We watched a movie when we got back to his house. By the time the movie was over it was 3 a.m. I owed him a stunt and no it is not what you think. I had to do the walk of shame Sunday morning. I didn't even have a scarf for my hair so that was interesting. I never go to sleep without my scarf. I left my Tiff.any's ring at his house too. I didn't appreciate that so I had to go back and get that one. You never know when I decide I might not want to speak to him again so I need to get my jewelry.

I hung out with my firl and her daughters. They are so special. I tell you they are kidnappable. I am babysitting for them in two weeks. We went to a sports bar and watch the Hawks get beat. She is starting a new business to make some extra cash. She will be a wholeseller of s.e.x goods. Rather interesting.

So as you can tell my life is interesting and so much goes on that it is hard to blog regularly. Damn that sounded like an excuse--I need to do better. Anyway I miss you guys and I promise to do better.


Babs said...

I'm confused. You went to the movies with the Fool?

Coco said...

Yes, I went to the movie with the fool. I know better but doing better is the problem I have. I have no excuse for doing it either. Can't even attempt to explain it.

DollFace said...

A stunt? What kind of stunt? I need specifics:-)

Growing Georgia Girl aka Coco said...

No need for details--I just took it back to my cheerleading days. Nothing scandalous--I just had to massage his ego.

DollFace said...

We like scandalous. But you're right no need for details because I was never a cheerleader and am not flexible...but by the end of the summer that will be a whole nother story (starting yoga) and I WILL be wanting to know more:)