Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Talking

Ok so the wedding was beautiful--I may go far enough to say it was the most beautiful wedding I have been to. I truly felt the love and God was definitely there for that union. It was an outdoor wedding and we all know I hate the outdoors. I remembered to take some benadryl before so my allergies were in check. We got there just in time for the wedding to start. Someone actually shouted at us to move quickly so we could sit down and make sure we weren't in the pictures. Anyway the bride picked the perfect dress for her. It was similar to the dresses that Tisha Campbell and her girls wore in the homecoming singing scene in School Daze. It fit the bride beautifully. The pastor asked us to say amen during parts of the wedding so that we could be in agreeance with the union. The reception was beautiful. There was a live band that was playing their behinds off and the lead singer was wonderful. She even sang the words to the cupid shuffle b/c you know you can't have a black wedding nowadays without the cupid shuffle. I don't have pictures only b/c my linesister was the photographer for the weekend. I have to harass her about those. We really had a photo shoot before the wedding which is probably why we just made it to the wedding. You know how AKAs can be when it comes to pictures.

Ok so I was on Black Planet yesterday for no reason and about 2 minutes after I got on this guy sent me an instant message. He didn't say hey shawty or anything so I was like hi. We talked for awhile. He seemed nice enough but you know me and internet dating aren't best friends. Well we continued talking on MSN messenger and he dropped a bomb on me. This man tells me he is still married--he claims his wife doesn't want to file for divorce. Dude, I don't have time to deal with such. I go out with you and this chick hunts me down. I know that is extreme but when you have been harassed by someone's ex you just don't set yourself up in that situation again (the ex in the first case was a girlfriend not a wife).

My mother and I kissed and made up. Or should I say she pretended like nothing happened so I had to keep it moving.

After all these weddings I really think if I ever get married I want to have a wedding. Before I wanted to elope but these weddings that I have been to have been so beautiful.


DollFace said...

I'm glad you and Ms S. "made up" girlie. That is one extra stress you didn't need.

You have been to a lot of weddings. I feel like I need to step my love life up!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

awwwww, weddings are the most beautiful thins ever. some say childbirth is but that ish is bloody.

i've wanted the big wedding but when i heard my teacher friend did hers for $1000... i was trying to figure out how to get on her level. granted, it was a pseudo elopement...