Wednesday, May 28, 2008

200 (with a picture)

So I haven't posted in a long time b/c I knew this would be my 200th post and I clearly wanted to make it memorable. I have toyed with so many ideas for this post and still not quite sure what I would do to make it memorable at least for me. So I decided to just write. I am going to write about what irritates me, what makes me happy and whatever else I feel like writing.

DollFace two statements to you:
1. I don't think that thing described me at this very moment in my life but some of it was perfect.
2. On your last post were you looking over my shoulder while I was writing in my personal journal? I mean it started out with the exact same sentence.

I absolutely hate when people go to other people's weddings and wear white. I mean I understand if the bride decide that it would be an all white wedding but when I see it happens that is not the case. Why is there always someone wanting to wear white to a wedding. I promise, no matter how tacky it sounds, that I am putting on my invitation that you will be turned away at the door if you wear white, off-white or anything remotely similar at my wedding.

The word is per se not per say. Please if you don't know the word don't use it.

I hate when people say it doesn't bother me. It obviously does bother you when you comment on it. When we are discussing the situation and you are heated about it do not end the conversation with oh it doesn't bother me. I would much rather you say I wish it didn't bother me.

I am so excited that my back is getting married and I am a part of her special day. I am in charge of getting the presents for the bridal shower and I am so excited. This just makes me want to do some event planning. I love to get stuff like that together. Maybe that is what I am passionate about. I also love to decorate. I almost said kcuf law school and went to interior design school. I can't wait to move into my first home and decorate it just like I want it. I have already planned a theme for each room.

Jam his name is Jesse but he is not Jesse the Kappa. You may not have known him b/c he trasferred to Hampton. I promise you it is not Jesse the Kappa.

Speaking of Jesse the Kappa. I remember my last semester at Hampton I had a late class in MLK and I went to class a little early and no one was in the classroom. There was a message on the chalkboard that said Jesse kcufed Mr. HU. I was so in shock b/c it was on the chalkboard. I mean I can't speak on anyone's sexuality so I didn't know what was going on.

Am I the only one who sees high school classmates that look a hot old mess? I mean I know the older we get the more likely we are to gain weight but do you have to look old and trashy.

I went out Sunday night and had a ball. This guy wanted to meet my friend and I introduced them and why do I find out today that he is married. He had no problem mentioning his two kids but forgot to mention his wife. Here is a pic:

Speaking of men not mentioning stuff, the guy I mentioned last week dropped another bomb on me. We were talking on MSN Messenger and he told me that he needed to ask me a legal question about his little girl. So when did he plan on mentioning his wife and daughter. I haven't talked to him via messenger since which means I haven't communicated with him at all. Where do these men come from?

Well now I must go run errands and now that I have reached this milestone I will do a better job at posting.


DollFace said...

Happy 200th! Post!!!

Who is your back? Do I know her?

I think I remember Jesse...he was in the school of Liberal Arts with us right? And I remember that message on the board.

Speaking of HU Kappas...I gotta call you and tell you the story about one of them;)It's a small world.


The Breaking Point said...

Am really trying to wrap my mind around "per say." Like ... what is that, precisely? Per se', the correct spelling, is actually shorter than per say. What planet were people educated on?

jameil1922 said...

the married losers KILL ME!! ya 200! DOLL! i wanna know the kappa story, too! lol. you so were in love w/jesse the kappa!! lol. i need to know more deets abt this other jesse/see a pic to believe otherwise. love the fit in the pic. who's your back? i don't care what anyone wears to my wedding as long as it's fly. everyone's gonna be looking at me anyway. i never see h.s. classmates... except one i saw at trader joe's working there. he looked really hot. lol.