Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Night

Last night was interesting, at least for me it was. I decided that I wanted to chat with a certain someone on Facebook b/c I was bored and my mother was working my last nerve. Well this person is an ex of a couple of my friends but none of my friends are friends (we all know I have 50-leven friend groups so this is possible). So we are talking and I bring up his relationship with these individuals and he goes off on me. He tells me that those women were liars and even if he was with more than one at a time they didn't have a label so he could do that. I want to know the truth. Were there really no labels? Or was he just trying to game me b/c eventually he was talking about how he likes his women petite and what not. Mind you my friends weren't what I would consider petite or should I say we have nothing in common body wise. They have big asses and small breasts and I am the complete opposite. Was it game?

Also while on Facebook I decided to send a message to my college crush's sister and see if he had graduated from grad school. She promptly responded that she didn't think he had (get back to that later) and I should send him a message via Facebook. Who knew that he was on Facebook? So I should have asked her back in the day when I found her so I could have reconnected sooner.

How do you not know when your brother's graduation is? And I don't mean like the date--I mean you don't know if he has graduated yet. Did I miss something when I hung out with them?


Pretty Primadonna said...

Oh, Lord. The girl doesn't know if her own brother is about to graduate? That's funny.

As to the other guy... it's always convenient for them to say "there were no labels." I'm sure your girlfriends would tell an entirely different story. You may never know. :-)

jameil1922 said...

maybe she just didn't want to tell you. idk why. i want to know who this crush was! email it up girl! lol. as for the facebook dude OH WHATEVER! he can go back to his little corner with that one. i can't stand liars.