Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Part 352 (edited)

So there are always things I forget to blog about so I thought I would take the time to do so today.

Favorite Quote from the wedding: "There is a hater living in my house. Her name is Yasmin. Isn't that the name of that birth control?" Hilarious b/c we thought he said Jasmine and we were trying to figure out why some random woman was living in the newlywed's house. My linesister got married a year ago and her husband is already for babies but she is not trying to get pregnant right now.

So the guy I met last week just left out a whole lot of important information. Not only is he still married but he has a daughter. I am not trying to deal with baby momma's and such.

I was sad on Saturday but now I am numb. Don't want to really talk about it but had to put it out there.

I went out Friday night for a friend's friend's birthday party. I came armed with $20 and made sure my meal was much cheaper than that. I accomplished that by getting something for $14. So it is time to pay the bill and the person holding the money was like everybody needs to pay $46--oh hell nawl! I am not paying that much b/c I didn't spend that much. My other issue was I did not get alcohol and I damn sure am not paying for anyone else's. There were people who had 3 and four bottles of beer and shots of Patron and you think I am about to pay for their alcohol. I handed over my $20 and kept on moving. Then we went to the club--could have done without b/c it was the hood club and we all know I am bougie. Who started this whole fitted in the leg but sagging in the waist jeans for men? It just looks wrong to me.

I got another rejection letter from a job. Kinda hurt my feelings but I will get over it. I think it hurt my feelings b/c I convinced myself that I wanted the job when I really didn't.

DollFace--no need to step your social game up. I can't bear the thought of going to another wedding anytime soon. Give me another year and then you can step your game up. Just kidding--hurry up and get married so I can have another happy wedding to go to.

I talked to one of my close friends last night and we were talking about church. She said she went to her sister's church a couple of weeks ago and the pastor offended her by something he said and when she repeated it I was offended as well. He said (paraphrased), "All thes Muslims are going to bust the gates of hell wide open." That was a mess.

On Different World how did Ron become a dumb ho?

Why is the world making it hard for people like me to find clothes that fit? I was talking to the same close friend mentioned above and she was talking about how she had to buy a zero in a jacket. She is not a big girl by any means but she is bigger than me. Last time I purchased a suit jacket I had to get a 2 so you tell me if I go to the store today to buy a suit jacket it is going to have to be taken in. This is why I hate shopping. I know why the stores do it seeing that I was working in retail when this first started happening but can you cut me some slack. (They do it to make regular size women feel real good and bigger women feel good but I feel bad b/c I can't buy anything.) When I worked at Express they cut out size 14 but made their 12 cut like a 14. I am sure that it has gotten much worse since I worked at Express.

Why did my last law school roommate just disappear off the face of the earth in regards to me? I haven't talked to her since July of last year. Not my fault though--I called her but she hasn't called me back. I eventually deleted her from my phone. Then she randomly sent me a message via facebook b/c I said that I was numb but I think the tears and anger will come later. Go away--you clearly don't consider me a friend. Especially since you have been to Georgia at least twice since you moved away and didn't think to pick up a phone and say hello. It's all good though. I am angry but this too shall pass!

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