Monday, October 13, 2008


So I have been thinking and I am in a funk. Everytime I go to church I get a renewed spirit and then something happens to make me forget it. Every time someone speaks about God to me or in my presence they tell me to pray for what I want. I pray for what I want and I get the exact opposite. Lately the only thing I have prayed for is a job so that probably tells you I have no job. What is a girl to do? I mean really what am I to do. I can't even get a regular job b/c I have a law degree. I am truly confused--maybe I need to talk to my pastor.

I am ready to give up on men (don't think I am crossing to the other side). Nothing has happened I am just not feeling them right now. I wish they would go away for a little while and when they come back don't contact me.

My dad is slowly driving me crazy. I know he is concerned about me but why don't you understand I just don't want to talk. If I don't want to talk then I definitely don't want to attend a stranger's wedding rehearsal dinner or their wedding for that matter.

I hate federal holidays when you are expecting something in the mail.

I finally saw "Miracle at St. Anna". It was great--long and maybe too many stories in one but I appreciate what it taught me. It made me that much prouder of the progress that we have made in this country.

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