Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

Just so you know DollFace-I love you! Thank you for letting us in to see what you see in the mirror. I can relate on some levels.

Why do I keep finding these men who want me and I don't want them? Why can't I just say no? I want to like the nice guy but there are so many reasons for me not to. Reason no. 1: I am not attracted to you at all. (Probably never will be because we clearly live in separate states and I am not making any moves to visit you.)

Project Runway is out to get me! That just wasn't cute at all. I will leave it at that in case Jameil is reading.

I thought my mom bought the Hawaiian Punch for the little kids to drink. It was all a front. She bought that crap for herself. I just want to say that is nasty.

Since my grandmother hasn't cooked in forever she has become too good for leftovers. This woman told me she didn't have anything to eat for lunch. The day before she ate some of the spaghetti I cooked (yeah the turkey spaghetti she claimed to hate a couple of weeks ago but had no problem enjoying it this time) and there was some leftover. She said she wasn't eating leftovers and I needed to go get her a sub. She then told me not to get her a sub with all that ketchup on it. I was dying inside (from the laughter) b/c I knew she was talking about the meatball sub.

I just happened to come across the blog of a Hillary supporter who then became a McCain supporter. That chick is crazy. She said that Obama is racist and sexist and he is only 12% African American among other things. Ok that was just doing too much. Ok I can understand you not voting for someone who is racist and sexist (if that is what you belive) but what does his racial makeup have to do with anything?

Can I just say I love when a man takes charge? I say I am independent and all that jazz but in all actuality I just want someone to take care of me. I still want the man to consult me on some things though. That wasn't one of them. :)

I took myself to the movies on Saturday to see the Tyler Perry movie. I enjoyed the movie for the most part and I was happy to see that no woman was saved by her big black knight. I was a little disturbed by the whole husband situation. They could have left out the road trip just to give me a little more background story about the white couple and black couple. I have to give Sanaa props on being an evil woman. I don't think this was that far from other roles--at some point during every movie she is in she plays the dumb woman for some man (she clearly did that).

I forgive you for the hurt you caused me. I am coming to terms with it and one day soon I think we will back to where we were.

My granny got dressed today for the first time since her surgery. She is so random. I bought her new pants with a draw string and she said they fit. My cousin brought her some of her old pants and do you know that is what the woman put on. I want my money back.

Thanks Midori for helping me. I have a few questions and I will email you soon.

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