Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

It has been a long couple of weeks so if I can remember it all I will tell you exactly how I feel about it.

I am very concerned about my mental health/competence. I have two aunts and an uncle who just aren't there. I can't explain it all but it just concerns me. One of my aunts has completely stopped talking.

My family is dramatic so why shouldn't I be. I hate being a lawyer especially when people keep using my legal expertise for their benefit. I am jobless so unless you are paying I am no longer answering questions.

I am starting a new blog with a friend about what you should know about before deciding on whether to attend law school. You get different perspectives b/c we are opposites. We just want people to know things they never knew before taking such a big step.

My dad is slowly driving me crazy. Since my granny died my mother told him that since he and I have bonded over her death he has no need to call her. That means he calls me multiple times a day. Yesterday he called me on some bullshyt. I almost lost it. He hasn't called me today but it is only the afternoon.

I volunteered for the Ob.ama campaign but I really don't want to work. I am just tired of not having a set schedule. Ok I am going to stop now before I make myself cry.

I live in the boonies--proof of this is the truck I drove past. Some woman had painted on the back of her car that she was a "Proud Gun Toting Christian Mom Supporting Mc.Cain". That keeps me on my volunteering duties.
You know I applied for a position over two months ago and got interviewed and I have heard nothing. I didn't even want the job. Why can't you just say I didn't get it.

I am really sad and I don't know exactly why. I just feel like something isn't right in my life. I don't sleep well and I am just not myself. I feel myself spiraling but I don't what to do.

Why is my granny insistent upon me going to a dermatologist? She told me yesterday that I made enough money to go. When I told her that I have bills she told me that they are cheap b/c my mom told her so. I then told her that my mom pays a copay, not the whole bill. She then told me that I could get something at the drug store. Can I just say that that woman is bad for your self esteem? I have spots on my face but not bad enough that I should get grilled. I left the room and she walked down the hall and continued the conversation with me.


Miss B said...

Hey Girlie!!

So sorry to hear about your grandmother's death!!!

Cheer Up!!! You'll get something soon...I know it. I'm praying for you!!!

I wish I had to time work the campaign...they called me the other day and I hated that I had to decline!!!


DollFace said...

Girl, I know how the sadness can overcome you. Try the book I wrote about back in March, "Black Pain"

You can try sleeping pills but those are only a quick cure for the symptoms. You need to tackle the real problem head on.

You know I'm here...