Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye to 27

So tomorrow is my birthday! I am so excited. I will be 28 and I wanted to write something deep but I will have to do that at another time. The stuff I see makes me want to talk about it.

Have you ever looked at someone's wedding pictures and wondered what the hell they were thinking when they picked their dress? I was looking at someone's picture and was trying to figure out where they got this 80s prom dress inspired wedding dress from. Also I saw someone's wedding pictures and their bridesmaids looked a hot mess--the dresses looked like garbage bags. And the bride was beautiful. I just don't get it. If I ever get married I promise not to do that to myself or my friends.

My feelings got hurt and I am sure I will get over it but it is going to take awhile.

I have read a couple of blogs in the past few days about men attempting to holla at women out of their league. I was thinking a lot about the subject and then I went to the library. Why did somebody that shouldn't look at me try to holla? And his approach was a mess. He was sitting at a computer and was like come here girl. Do I know you? Is that really how you approach people? Do women actually respond? I know I didn't. I am just glad he didn't leave his spot and follow me to the stacks.

I am lonely. I want to go on a date. Oh well!

I have been reevaluating my friendships. Some people really aren't my friends and I need to recognize that the relationships are one-sided.

I have been doing bad for Lent. I have eaten sweets three times that I wasn't supposed to. My plan was to cheat on my birthday but other than that I was going to be good. I know I shouldn't use my birthday as an excuse but I want sweets. I want cheesecake.

My mommy took me out for my birthday on Sunday and then she bought me a cute shirt and skirt. Can't wait to wear them. I was so excited to go to the store and buy something that fits in the waist. I rarely have that happen.

Why was I looking at a facebook friend's page and one of her favorite movies is a po.rn movie? I was like that name doesn't sound right so of course I googled it and you know what I got. I didn't look at any of the sites that appeared but I could tell from the short blurbs what it was about.

I still have the crush but I want it to go away. It is waste of my energy.

I will be back with something deep later.

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Aaron X said...

Happy 28th Birthday, and many more. :-)