Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tell 'Em How You Feel Thursday

Children today are off the d*mn chain!

My mom told me about some kids at her school. A little girl performed s.ex on a boy in the hallway at school. This happened last week and they just found out about it today. The school called the girl's mother. The mother said she was going to beat her so bad that she might not live to see school tomorrow. The school called D.FACS. Now I personally would have let that one slid. Had it been my mom she would have just come to the school and beat me in front of the administration. Then dared them to call the authorities. If the authorities showed up she would have told them to keep me b/c she had no use for me after that.

I was so stressed yesterday and Tuesday. Let's just say my family needs to get their money issues together and leave me out of it. I don't have money lying around and if I did I wouldn't be giving it to irresponsible people (my uncle).

Thinking of the crush brings a smile to my face.

My dad is supposed to be giving me his car tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I really have nothing just because I was so stressed this week.

Until the next time!


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jtbrown said...

Things will get better, but I understand how you feel regarding family and money. Yet, I don't mind giving my mom b/c it's to help my mom, but boy to I miss the freedom of my "extra" money!