Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun on a Sunday Night

So this weekend I was recovering from some mysterious illness. I recovered and made a trip to the A to support my girl's turn at host for an event. It was the Re,d Tie Soi.ree and most of young black Atlanta was there. Can I say I was entertained? I was looking rather nice if I say so myself. I finally got to meet SunFresh. She is such a sweety and is fly as hell. Can I say those shoes were the hotness. I liked her whole ensemble but the shoes were doing the damn thing.

Well the night started off pretty cold and for a minute I felt overdressed. When we walked in all the people had on jeans and cute tops. I of course had on a cute black and red satiny halter dress (you know I don't own any red clothes that I felt were appropriate so I had to find a new dress). Well it eventually got better. My friends and I split up to mingle. There was truly some specialness going on but I am going to give my highlights/observations of the evening.

A girl I went to law school with was there and the last time I was at an event with her she was rather rude but I chalked it up to her situation (my friend who was host was close friends with her recent ex-boyfriend and she wanted to flaunt her new "man" in friend's face so it would get back to the ex). I was wrong, the chick has an issue with me. You know I don't care but I have to tell you all what happened. My friend and I are standing next to each other conversing and she walks right past me and tells my friend hello and gives her a hug. She took the time and energy to ignore me. That was truly entertaining. What is even more entertaining is that her ex is a cutie and you know the rest.

Part two of that observation is that I was talking to another UGA law school grad and she walks by us. He says I know that girl. She is crazy right? When I say I almost passed out. It was hilarious. She has a fatal attraction reputation.

Another observation is I must learn to fix my face. This guy comes up to me and says I know you, I have met you before. I was like I don't know you. He was like I met you before and you used to tutor. I was like sorry you have the wrong person. He was like I know I have met you before. So he said something that I don't remember and then he was like I remember those expressions. As soon as he said that I made one of my faces and he was like there it is right there. So I am remembered for my facial expressions. Need to work on that.

Then there was this guy who was drunk and just telling me more than I needed to know. He was getting a little too personal. Then he decided he wanted to meet SunFresh so I go find her and introduce her. He then realizes that he had already met her when she calls him by name. That right there was hilarious. All I can say SunFresh if he is your type he said he is going to settle down January 1st--but you didn't hear that from me.

Then there were women there that I knew and I also knew that they came there specifically to meet men. So as soon as they walk in they are like where are the cute men. So one was in her late thirties but dressed like she was in her late 40s. She was like are they just looking younger. I was thinking to myself no they are actually just the age they should be for this event. You are just at the wrong event if you want to meet a man your age. It was a hot mess. They complained the whole night about the lack of men but no man is going to approach you if you have the look of desperation on your face. Needless to say they were never approached.

Some people are just rude. There was this guy who just walked in between my friend and me and just started talking to her like we were not having a conversation. Then he hands me his camera to take a picture of the people they graduated with. I almost pulled out my angry black woman but I didn't want to embarass my friend who was the host.

That is all for now but there may be an addendum to this post involving a cutie.

Coco Esq.


jameil1922 said...

why do so many bloggers have mysterious illnesses?? i end up feeling overdressed at half the places i go to. i love that others think rude law school girl is crazy. nice. i love red but can't stand parties with dress codes!! drives me bananas! can't i just wear what i want? i'm sayin. the faces? HILARITY!! but he still sounds like he was making that up. you were probably making the faces that night including at ol girl. lol. cougars on the prowl! they have to stop looking so desperate, tho! hilarious. this was fun! go out more and let me live vicariously thru you!

Anonymous said...

This was all sorts of hilarious. Great recap! Thanks for the compliments Ms. Coco - you were looking pretty swanky yourself!

I agree - the place was like an Atlanta meat market. I was just happy to be out the house and see so many people looking lovely. There are benefits to having not gone to a school in GA, I don't know anybody's background drama and tend to find events like that to be a spectator sport. But I will say that the ATL environment is not made for wall flowers that expect men to migrate to them. It's a dog eat dog world out there and being at least assertive at events like that serves all women (cute or ugly) well.

And ionno why girls have to be so stank at times. I always say, "It's not that deep." Unless you took my job, slept with my boyfriend or swung at my's not that deep.

@you're guy friend. If he's serious - I'd get to know him.