Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pity Party

Why does it always feel like I am having a pity party for myself when it comes to my career or the lack thereof? So my dream career has something to do with estate planning or financial planning. Well trust and estates is not the hotness when it comes to the legal field. I decided to try my luck at the financial planning side of the field. Once again I get my feelings hurt.

Last Friday I went to an Open House for a financial planning firm and was greatly impressed by what I saw. It was definitely something I could see myself doing. Well I started the ball rolling yesterday and today got quickly shut down. I filled out the 7 page application and disclosed all my financial information--you know that debt that I am ashamed to admit to having. I had to take an assessment to see if sales was my thing. Well according to the assessment I can't sale and I am not worth investing in. Sales aren't my first choice of job duties but I can sell my butt off if I know the product. I can actually start the job but I would only be paid on commission which isn't that big of a problem in the future. The problem is the present. You know Jellybean is gone so I need a new car. I can't get a car if I have no income. Also I won't be selling anything anytime soon b/c I actually have to be licensed to sell the products. That takes about 2 months which means 2 months no income. You also know that no one is really hiring for part time jobs b/c of the economy.

I also wanted the job b/c it gave me the opportunity to help people who wouldn't necessarily get this type of help. I already know people who want help with their finances b/c I have been discussing this career path for a minute even before the Open House presented itself.

Ok so my next thing is what do I do when I know it is something I want. I was actually studying for the GRE so I could be competitive for the Certificate of Financial Planning at GS.U. but I found a program that wasn't as competitive and would teach me the same things. The only problem with that was money. I don't have a full time job so I can't pay for something that isn't a necessity. I really want the job and I even started my list of people who may need my services. Trust and believe you are probably on the list. What do I do?


DollFace said...

Can you apply for scholarship money to get the certificate? I'm not that familiar.

MHJ said...

Keep your head up. The perfect job will come along.