Monday, March 9, 2009

Adults Being Adults

Ok so I have been thinking about this for quite some time and finally realized I needed to discuss it.

What I have seen in the past couple of years is adults depending on others to take care of them. It irks the hell out of me. Especially when the adults are able-bodied. I will give an example:

This guy that I was feeling a couple of years ago got a nice job after graduating from college. He paid his way through college. He eventually got scholarship money but most of his education was paid for with loans in his name. He was younger than me but that isn't the point. His mother is probably in her early to mid 40s. Well he was helping his mom pay the bills. I find no problem with this because I understand if you want to help please help your family. What really bothers me is that he feels compelled to pay her bills. Like he must pay her bills. He also paid his sister's tuition to school. I really have no problem with that b/c she doesn't have to graduate college or whatever kind of school she was in with debt. I am just trying to figure out how was his mom paying bills before he started working and why can't she pay them now. She has the same job and all of that. Why is an adult parent depending on their child (adult or not)? He works in the financial world and he will probably get laid off soon and he was talking about how he can't just randomly not be working b/c he has to pay his mom's bill. What the hell is that? Can someone please tell me why? He is not really concerned about his situation but he is concerned about others. I mean is she creating more bills b/c he has been helping her for the past 2 1/2 years? Something should be paid off or she should be to the point of leaving well below her means since he has been helping her in the past.

Another example is Q on th.e Ba.nd--why the hell did his mom quit her job? Why does he have to pay the family bills? Once again I can understand wanting to help but should this all be placed on the shoulders of someone else. The other issue I have with that situation is where were they throughout the careers of any Ba.dB.oy artist? Did they miss these artists being broke and contract negotiations and what not? You will not quit your job b/c your son signed to anybody's record label especially that one. I need him and his bandmates to be putting money to the side considering who they are working with.

Am I selfish? Should I be happy that these men want to take care of their families? Or should I be more concerned about the fact that they may be struggling to take care of themselves because they are trying to help someone else?

I feel like when I am financially able I am going to help my family but I must first be able to take care of myself.

What do you think?


jameil1922 said...

no. that is ridiculous. i dated a guy like that once. he had to take the joint credit card they had away from her b/c she was using it to buy stupid stuff and he was having to pay it off. no. ma'am.

it's one thing to help out once in a while, slide someone a couple of dollars to help at a tough time, but to mooch off of your child? unacceptable.

KKAve said...

You know what, it's a man thing (from what I was told), and we can't understand it. I think w/ Q, they received some money, and thought they were on their way...but like you said... :\