Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Back

My computer is back! I am so excited but now I need to purchase some more memory b/c my computer is moving uber slow. (I like the word uber.)

Anywho it is time for me to be random.

The crush is a sweetie even though we rarely talk. I like him.

He isn't my only crush though. There's this guy that I talk to regularly. He is such a sweetie too. He is also good for a girl's self-esteem.

With that being said I need to find a man in my area code.

I hate the Lil' Kim Dancing with the Stars commercial. It bothers me and she bothers me.

I hate when people pretend like they know somebody when they really don't. When I ask you a basic question about that person you should be able to give me some kind of answer. Oh well!

My feelings were hurt but I will get over it. Hopefully I won't hold a grudge but I can't promise that I won't. We shall see in the coming months and years.

I feel so bad that I won't be able to go to her graduation. I need to tell her. I figure I can send a nice present and not go instead of going and being broke for too damn long.

I can't believe what you told me. That ain't it. Get yourself together. I didn't even know how to ask the question to get more information b/c it was shocking. Normally I am quick on my feet but I was just silent.

You know men are interesting. I can't say I don't understand them b/c sometimes I do but they are so interesting. The stories I hear make me wonder.

Tomorrow I am going to speak to students at Upward Bound. I am so excited. You know I love touching the children. It makes me feel even better b/c these are students who want to succeed and excel.

Speaking of students--why did my cousin who is in the 9th grade call me and ask me how to spell socialism? And then she asked me to give her a sentence. Can I say WTF? What happened to looking isht up for yourself and figuring out your own sentence? I hope her teacher doesn't look up the sentence b/c I clearly got it from Encarta. (I actually hope the teacher does look up the sentence which is why I was evil and didn't make up my own sentence. You already know I am evil.)

I am so mad at myself. Instead of watching my favorite tv show (C.SI) I watched that mess that is the Ban.d. Why are they surprised that they have no money? Where were they when every other Ba.dB.oy artist was broke and complaining about the way they were treated.

One day soon I am going to have an actual post instead of just random information.

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