Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yeah I feel like giving my randoms today especially since I have my mother's computer to play with right now.

Dell finally received my computer! One step closer to getting it back.

So when did it become cool not to let someone know they didn't get the job. I could understand if you didn't interview me but dude you interviewed me. You couldn't send an email saying we went in another direction. Where is the business etiquette?

So you lied to me. I am not surprised but damn every time I think about it, it hurts a little.

Is Tyra sucking me in this year with ANTM? Last cycle I was disappointed.

I am now excited about my birthday! I don't know what brought it on but I am excited.

Steele got punked by the RNC and Rush.

So my uncle's ex-wife has no damn common sense. Ok she may have some but not on a regular basis. She has made some questionable decisions in the past but she is special. Anyway the latest stupid thing I have heard from her was her wanting a Mini Cooper. That would be nice if she didn't have two children. Do you know it didn't don on her until she got in her friend's today that she couldn't fit her two kids and all their stuff in the car. Ok when you see a Mini Cooper do you think of a car for a mom? I mean I personally couldn't drive one b/c I don't travel lightly but a mom even looking at one. I mean you can get one if you plan on driving something else and the economy was better (you know you need some money to be driving around in two cars with just your money). Unfortunately that is not the case. This was to be the main car.

I have been doing well on my quest to give up sweets for Lent!

I am thinking about giving up intimacy as well but I don't see how you can give up something you aren't doing. Oh well!

I believe that is all for the day.

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