Thursday, March 12, 2009

LOL (not really)

Ok so did I ever tell you that my mother is overbearing and almost stalkerish--well she is. I love her but she could drive you to an early grave. I try to tell her only what I want her to know but she tries to get a little special with you and she will figure stuff out on her own. I had to share all of this with you before I told the story.

Ok well you know I have been unemployed for quite some time. I apply for jobs but no response (I finally got some real help and some great career advice). Well when I first graduated from law school I applied for a position with this psycho individual. Said individual is from my hometown and my mother actually contacted said individual before I knew the position was available (it would have been better had I just applied for the position and she looked at my resume). I interviewed and everything. This individual never sent me a rejection letter but reposted the job. I got the message but clearly my mother didn't. My mother said I should reapply since it may be a different time or something like that--once you reject me I keep it moving. Well since the time that I first applied the position has been reposted about 3 or 4 times. That tells me that something is wrong in that office b/c it is about a 2 year position and I applied 2 years ago. That means that said individual has gone through 3 or 4 individuals (one of the reasons I call her psycho).

Well anyway the position was reposted last week. My mom said I should apply and I am looking like that mofo rejected me once and not much has changed since then except my age and bra size so why would the mofo look at my stuff now. Well Momma Coco decided that she would inform individuals that I wanted the job even though I was adamant as they come about not wasting my energy on said individual. Well one of these individuals is an associate of said individual and he called her. Basically said individual made it clear that I would not get the position. But he didn't tell me that. He told me to apply to the position and he cc'd said individual in the email. So of course I felt obligated to apply even though I felt I was wasting resume paper and ink. I refused to waste postage so I made Momma Coco pay.

I shared all of this with Momma Coco to let her know that I knew said individual was psycho and Momma Coco needs to trust my judge of character. I am hoping that she lets go of her stalker tendencies. I am used to the overbearing but the stalker tendencies don't affect me--she doesn't stalk me, she stalks the employers. I go off on her about it but I guess she forgets or something like that. I guess that is what happens when you have an overbearing mommy.


jameil1922 said...

wow!!!!! all that stalking, tell her to find you a normal employer! lol.

Coco said...

The problem is my mother doesn't see the bad in people! I don't know where I get it from.

KKAve said...

Lol. Wow. My Mom used to do similar things to me. It used to drive me NUTS. But, I realize now that she still saw me as her baby, and took her job of protecting me, and making sure I had the best of opportunities even if it embarrassed me. Just sharing that with you b/c it's of course hindsight for me!