Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Funny Story from Freshman Year

I just had to share this story. I remembered it earlier today as I was looking at people on Hampton's new social network. I was looking at different people and I came across this Que named Matt and the story came back to me.

Freshman year I lived in the Honors dorm and they gave each room a computer. The computers didn't come until the end of orientation or the beginning of the semester. There were issues with the computers so the computer techs came to our rooms to check them. One of my first friends at Hampton had a room facing the cafeteria and all the Greek plots. The Ques plot happened to be a tree. So my friend is talking about how the tree looks likes monkeys should be climbing in it and I think the Ques were under the tree at the time. I think she may have even said that they looked like monkeys climbing in the tree. She is going on and on. So the computer tech leaves and somehow we find out that the computer tech was a grad student and he had just crossed Que the semester before we got there. It was hilarious. He didn't say a word to my friend as she was going on and on about the Que tree and the monkeys. I could have fallen over and died on the spot. Hilarious!

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