Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ok so I am queen of purses and I have a purse that matches every outfit, even the bright pink ones. With that being said my mother is the complete opposite (ok maybe not but she only carries like 3 purses). The only thing is my mother does not own a black purse so I gave her one of my fifteen black purses (I got tired of seeing her with a black outfit on with a burgundy colored purse--ughhhhhhhhhhhh!). So she carried the purse for a couple of weeks and then she comes home one day and decides to take one of my purses (NY & Co) thinking that it was a Coach (she knows better!). Next thing I knew she was carrying my brown Coach purse! She tells me that some teacher asked her why she was carrying my black Nine West bag when she should be carrying a Coach. I didn't take her serious and kept it moving. So she stole my NY & Co bag and put down the Nine West.

The other day I ask for my Nine West bag b/c she doesn't carry it. She happily gives it to me saying that someone was picking at her about the purse. I gave her the you have to got to be kidding me look. I then told her that she shouldn't repeat that to anyone. She is a grown woman--54 years old and she lets some random white woman, and yes I had to call her some random white woman b/c of the way she acts at work, dictates what purse she carries. Can you say hot with her? I am looking at her thinking if I was going to carry one of the purses the least I would do is carry the real leather purse but b/c some random woman is "picking on you" you can't carry. You would rather carry some cheap fabric purse that is eventually going to have a broken strap than a real leather purse b/c (one more time) some random white woman was "picking on you"! I can't take these people serious!

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