Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ramblings for this week

I am so sorry I haven't blogged in forever.

Before I start I just want to say Jameil he was the owner! Just trifling--don't know how to be businessman.

Have you ever been depressed? I have and it is not a fun feeling. I wasn't in need of drugs or anything but I definitely needed someone to talk to. My first year of law school I was very depressed and didn't know it. I finally got some help and it was the best thing ever. If you don't feel like leaving your bed or just don't feel like your normal self for a long period of time get some help. I learned that I need regular human contact and lots of sunlight. I was surrounded by people all the time but not like I needed. I needed someone around who actually cared and showed concerned. I admit it, I am needy. My first apartment in law school was awful when it came to sunlight. I desperately needed sunlight and the lack of sunlight added to my depression. The bedroom and the office were the only rooms in the place that had windows. I had a total of 3 windows and my entertaining took place in the room with no windows.

I am so afraid of rejection. Last night I sent a text message to the boo and as soon as I sent it I turned my phone off for fear of him saying no. We are doing really well. The whole keep it moving mode with him is working. I can't explain it but we are both in much happier places.

I visited him this weekend and we had fun. He was a little concerned when I didn't show up when I was supposed to (as he should have been) but I was just hanging at my friend's house catching up--she lives 5 minutes from him. I guess it didn't help that I left my cell phone in the car and missed two phone calls from him. We watched t.v. and got something to eat (that is the only thing I hate about hanging out with him--negro doesn't eat until 10 at night and I like to eat before 7). We then watched Casino (I am so lame b/c everytime I go to his house I get the question--"you haven't seen that movie?"). It was good but long--we watched the movie b/c the last time I was at his house I made him watch the A&E special about the real life people. We eventually went to sleep or at least I went to sleep b/c we clearly keep different hours. I woke up Saturday morning and went to the grocery store to get the gumbo ingredients. I got to work and made the gumbo. I told him to watch the pot but I just couldn't trust him with my gumbo. I eventually got dressed for real around 4:00 and ate the gumbo (even though it wasn't right just yet). I left him and went to my friend's house so we could go to UGA's stepshow. I had to go and support the baby soror! She did well--she started off the stepshow. They won second place--I think their stepshow theme was better but the Deltas were much more precise. I just want to say Hampton stepshows spoiled me. There is nothing like an HBCU stepshow. After the stepshow I stopped by the hospital to see my friend b/c they put her in the hospital b/c she was having contractions and she isn't due for at least another two months. She is hilarious. (She had the baby yesterday afternoon.) I finally made it back to the boo's house around 1:00 a.m. I don't think he was very happy about that but he got over it. I went to sleep while he watched t.v. I woke up before he did and got my life together. I left around 4 and did a little visiting. I eventually made it home to watch "The Wire" b/c you know the Super Bowl wasn't that important to me. I just want to say the Audi Super Bowl commercial was the hotness!

I am just trying to figure out how "The Wire" is going to wrap up b/c there is so much going on. I am happy with all that is going on but still it is alot ( I can never remember if that is one or two words--let me know).

Are the writers really going to end this strike soon. I can't take too much of the mess that is replacing my favorite shows. I am not mad at the writers for striking but I am mad at the producers for letting it go on this long. I guess that I mean nothing to them and neither do you.

Ok so I just want to say that I am so proud of Barack. His campaign is bringing me to tears of joy. I support this man--not because he is black but because he cares about what this country is coming to. I appreciate the fact that he is a black man. There has been a lot of debate about black women not supporting him b/c he is a black man but all I have to say is I can't hold what some men have done in the past against this man. I am smart enough to differentiate b/t him and any other man. I see that family is first for him. I see a black man who loves his wife and his children. I see a black man who is loved by his wife and children. If nothing else Obama gets my vote for that reason--there is a group of women who love him something terrible. But once again I must say that Barack gets my support b/c I have followed his campaign and he has this country's best interest at heart. I have educated myself on what this man has to say as well as what Hillary has to say. My issue with Hillary is that she publicly (did I spell that right--my spell check isn't working) flips flops. I wish Barack hadn't run for President only b/c who ever takes W's place has a lot to clean up and probably will only get 4 years in the White House and I think the change we need will take 8 years if not more. I have faith that he can make some changes!

Ok so I gave up profanity for Lent and yesterday was bad. Today has been good but it is only 10:47 a.m. I have been praying hard about it today though. So keep me in your prayers.


Miss B said...

I've been depressed really isn't a fun feeling. I didn't go talk to anyone...I just moved back home. I think I need to talk to a professional though.

I was JUST talking about how The Wire can't just I wonder how they are going to wrap things up too?? I don't know WE SHALL SEE!!!

YAY Sorors won 2nd place!!! Girl I'm practicing for a step show coming up in March for our Regional!! PRAY FOR ME!! I'm aching already!! LOL!

Coco said...

Girl go get help before it gets to the point you need medicine. If you think you need professional help go for it.

I was never a stepper--I knew my weaknesses. I will definitely pray for you b/c I can only imagine!

Complex Simplicity said... take off for a little and then return with a vengenance!!!!
Depression sucks but I think most people go through some version of it at one time or another in their life.

But what's up with turning the phone off after sending a text?!

Can I get the recipe for gumbo? Is this your recipe or ol girl "D"? Wait...did she even make gumbo?

jameil1922 said...

he was the owner!?!?! better business bureau.