Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Miss B--I am going to the club the Friday after my birthday--something v.i.p. (working out all the kinks). On Saturday I am have a nice dinner at this wonderful restaurant that I have been trying to go to for about 2 years now. I figure now is the time.

That Friend has always been like this with men but she didn't have a man most of our friendship. This is the same friend who while dating her current boyfriend found out he was messing with other women and he was supposed to go out of town with one of the girls. She decided that she would stay with him b/c she had put so much time in the relationship. This happened August 4 and they had been a couple for 2 months and had only been dating for 4 months. Two of those months she was in the D.C. area and he was in GA.

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