Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

I missed my 150th post--yeah that is how many drafts I have.

I need a real job b/c these people are trying to steal my joy. I did a closing on Tuesday and I didn't have enough time print out the client's copies b/c they didn't send me the paperwork in enough time. So I took the copies to her later. She calls me this morning to tell me that the copies don't have her signature on them. Dumbass the copies shouldn't have your signature on them--why you ask? Because they were the copies that I was actually going to bring to the closing. Unless you were going to sign both copies then they would have never had your signature on them. I have never been to a closing where you receive a copy with your signature on them and I definitely was not moving heaven and earth for you.

I found some high waist jeans. I thought I had found the dress that I was wearing for my birthday dinner but it is on back order until May 28th so that would be a negative.

I just want to say I am growing b/c I am learning to walk away from situations that upset me.

I have also decided that I am no longer going to say I don't care about certain situations. I do care but the thing is I don't want to care. So now I am working on reaching the point where I don't care. Case in point--ex best friend--I do care but I am working to the point where I don't care. The reason why I do care is b/c I thought we were best friends but what she did I wouldn't do to my worst enemy.

I keep seeing that I think that I have closer relationships with people than I really do. I understand that you are busy but could you answer one of my phone calls. I am not trying to be your best friend or even anything close but I thought we were better than that. Maybe I should just delete your phone number as well and we can just communicate when you feel the need to email me an update.

I thought I was going to feel bad about not inviting one of my former friends to my birthday celebration but I honestly don't. She threw away our relationship so I have no issue with no invite to her. But I did invite her ex boo. He is cool people and maybe I can get a free drink on him.

I have to call my friend and give her some bad news. I have been holding off on this new for almost 3 weeks. It isn't bad news like someone is dead or anything but I made a promise to her that I have to break :( I am sure she will understand but I don't want to do it.

I just want to say I love Pandora radio.


complex simplicity said...

Ex best that ole girl? Because if it is I was JUST thinking about her too. Thinking that we had some really good times and not so good moments that we got through together. I don't understand how someone can just give up an entire group of friends

Glad you're growing! But I thought you got the tutor that not a full time gig?

Coco said...

You are so right about the person I was thinking about. Looking back through our friendship she actually lost a couple of friend groups (she isn't really friends with any of her close childhood friends). The writing was on the wall and we just missed it--no more ride or die for her.

I got the tutoring job but it hasn't started and won't be truly full time until we have enough kids so that they can hire more tutors.

jameil1922 said...

GROWING!! isn't it fab? oooh high-waisted jeans!