Monday, February 25, 2008

That Friend

I don't know what happened since I left Hampton but I have befriended so many females who are man hungry. Maybe my friends at Hampton were that way but we were younger and it wasn't marriage time (probably not). But I have this one friend who I am slowly pushing away from b/c no matter what our friend situation is her man comes first. I have no problem with your man being important to you but sometimes your girl needs you and your man needs to hang with his boys. Anyway I figure that since she is living her life with her man and not concerned about what is going on with me and my life I have to go live my life. I can't do what makes her happy whenever she wants it. Like my whole birthday celebration--I have been planning this weekend for at least six months--don't come at me with the whole well I can't come down for your birthday but I hope to see you at so and so's event. I never promised to go to so and so's event and don't get mad when I say I may not show. So and so is getting married and I would love to go to her wedding but I have other obligations. My cousin is getting married the weekend after and I know that she is going to need help getting ready. Sorry to say but in this situation family comes first. Don't try to plan my life b/c you falling down on your friend job. Whenever this friend wants to do something I have to change my plans to accommodate and that is not going to happen any longer. So I am slowing stepping away from her. I would tell her how I feel but everyone who points out her man problem gets kicked to the curb basically. No need for me to get kicked to the curb if I am going to walk to the curb.


Miss B said...

I know that's right!! I have some friends who are like that...but not as bad as your "friend". But they will surely put a guy before their friends...even when its not their boyfriend. It's crazy to me...cuz you will need your friends when ol dude start showing his tail!!!

So what are the Birthday plans??

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

that's true. i bet the minute her man steps out on her, you'll be the shoulder she wants to cry on... its always that way. as long as you're not bitter about it, peace out! do you!