Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patience and Some Other Stuff but Mainly Patience

So today I figured God is trying to teach me patience and maybe some other stuff. This morning I got up to go talk to some people about a new job/side hustle opportunity. I decided to check my account balance b/c I knew I had just deposited some money in my account on Friday and only used my check card once since then. I pull up my account information and it says that my account is in the negative. This is where I calmly open the account information to see what happened and it says that they had to adjust my ATM balance. They took $180 from me b/c they say I entered in the wrong amount. I went from a $200 deposit to a $20 deposit. Can you say crazy? I called my soon to be former bank to talk about this and they were like you did it. Anyone who knows me knows I keep all receipts and keep track of all my transactions. I can tell you what time I deposited the money and what time I spent the other money that I spent the whole weekend. This messes up the whole plan to get my hair done on Thursday for my birthday. I have money in another checking account at another bank but it has a purpose and my hair appointment and other birthday preparations are not that purpose. I have remained calm and not blown up that particular place of business up. As soon as the situation is reconciled I am taking my social security number elsewhere.

I just want to say that I have never been that angry before in my life and then the customer service representative had the nerve to finish the call with "Thank you for banking with..." She almost got cursed out.

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jameil1922 said...

i can't stand banks. and when i'm calling to complain about your service, why offer me another? you just want me to get stank don't you? ridiculous.