Saturday, March 8, 2008


So my friend works in a courtroom and she was telling about one of the cases that came before the Judge. I just want to say HOTMESS to infinity!

A black woman is driving and she cuts off a white man. She continues driving and the white man is following her. When she stops he pulls her out of the car and beats her up. He calls her a nigger and tells her if she ever cuts him off he will string her up. She files charges and it goes to court. The defendant was going to plead guilty so this wasn't a trial.

The Solicitor's Office gives a recommendation of 12 months probation, community service (don't remember the number of hours) and a fine. The probation would end once he served his community service and paid his fine. (Close your mouth!) Mind you the woman is black and the man is white and the attorneys in the Solicitor's Office are black.

The Judge, a white man, was not having it! He refused to let the man plead guilty with that recommendation. He explained to the courtroom why he became a lawyer and why he could not accept that from this man. He told everyone he became an attorney because he remembered watching the integration of the University of Alabama and how the governor would not allow the black students to enter the school. He said he saw the attorney general tell the governor that the law says you can't do what you are doing.

The victim also said the Solicitor's Office told her that they thought the man had suffered enough because he lost his job and the punishment was far. She was not going for that. She said if the rolls were reversed she would be locked up and serving time.

The man refused to plead guilty with the sentence the Judge gave him so there will be a trial in the future.


jameil1922 said...

let's call that judge what he is... A BALLER!! love it.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

that solicitor is insane.

you know a black woman got TIME in prison for being cut off, then throwing her coffee at said car. no accidents or injury, just coffee at a window and she got TIME cause the other car had a white driver.

let a black person even SNEER at a wt and its going down, mind you she was pulled out of her car and beaten????

only in the South.