Monday, March 3, 2008

Randomness of My Life

So does the test from "A Bronx Tale" (think that is the name of the movie) apply when the man has automatic locks? If so, I failed the test. I mean I thought I should reach over and open the door but I didn't because the car has automatic locks. What do you think?

So I keep finding my outfit for my birthday and every time I get ready to order it, it is on back order. It is a conspiracy.

I hate when people say someone has diarrhea of the mouth. There is a word for it--logorrhea. Please use it!

"That friend" asked me if I was mad at her and honestly I am not. I just see her for the person she is and I choose not to place myself in a vulnerable situation with her. I am keep it moving mode with her.

Why is gas so much?

I am so tired from my weekend. The boo kept me up late Saturday watching "Michael Clayton". It was a good movie but definitely not one to watch when you are tired and have a slight headache. The lawyer in me was very disturbed by the movie and reminded of why I never want to want in a big firm.

"The Wire" is truly the hotness. I saw it early yesterday on On Demand. The last episode has to be like 4 hours long. Ok maybe not but it will be more than 60 minutes.

Time to set some rules: If he is my ex and you are my friend you do not date him or even entertain dating him. If this rule is broken don't get upset when we aren't friends anymore. Exception to this rule: If I am happily married then you can entertain the idea. (This is just to ensure that there will be no later conversations.)


complex simplicity said...

WORD?! When did she contact you?

Absolutely not...the rule is, If I had it, you don't see it, and if you've had it, I don't want it.

I guess there are exceptions to every rule...but shouldn't you step to your friend BEFORE you make a move?

Coco said...

Not the friend you thinking of--I was talking about "that friend" that I wrote the "That Friend" post about.

I agree wholeheartedly with you about stepping to a friend before you make a move. I mean I would never step to a friend's anything b/c I think it is trifling and I wouldn't even do it if me and the friends weren't friends anymore.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you shouldn't even have that convo with a TRUE friend. a true friend knows why you aren't with your ex and SHOULDN't want him! i think marriage would be the only time its cool... i THINK.