Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All of It

A new title for Randomness

So the bank from hell decides to put my money back in my account. These dumbasses credited the $180 back to my account twice. Total incompetence which is fine with me b/c I will be going to the bank tomorrow to shut it down. I missed my damn free class for you bastards--oh you get no more of my money especially since you are using it to make more money.

Today is the last day of my 26th year! I am so ok with being a year older. I am happy to tell my age. I say this all because I have a friend who is afraid to embrace her age. I just found out what year she was born in on Monday. It is not b/c she told me either.

I am ok with it being over with the boo. I haven't heard from him and don't think I will.

I love DollFace and travel safely home and enjoy the family!

For my birthday I am going to get my hair done and a pedicure. Must look fierce for the birthday!

When you are dating a guy tell your friends the good things about him too. I have friends who date guys and only tell me the bad things. Just so you know I am guilty of this sometimes. It makes it hard for your friends to actually like the guy. No guy is perfect but some of the stuff that my friends tell me about men are just awful and I wonder why are you with him?

I have an interview on Friday--wish me well, please!

La did a post on not sharing stuff with her friends. I can relate to what she was saying. The only difference is I will volunteer what I want you to know which means you won't ask me any direct questions that I don't want to answer. I have a lot bottled up inside. Some of this stuff I block out and remember it randomly.

Well I am about to go to sleep but I will be back sometime in the next three days to tell you all about my fabulous birthday!


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Stacie von Kutieboots said...

HAPPY 27th COCO!!! Get fly homie!