Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Have You Ever...

Have you ever regretted the day you met a guy? That has happened to me a couple of times. But there is this one guy in particular that makes me wonder did I smoke crack the day I met him--you know, was I high? He is definitely one of the reasons why I don't really drink like I used to when I go to the club. That night I was so toasted my friend had to drive my car back to our apartment complex.

He was a nice guy and all--he just wasn't for me (in other words he was not cute (didn't see that in my drunken moment) and not doing anything to impress me). He also caught me at a horny moment. When I met him I was used to having sex a couple of times a week at any time of the day (I know TMI) and I hadn't had sex in about 4 weeks. The interesting part is me and my former "friend" would have a blowout fight the Monday after I met this guy. Me and the guy hung out that weekend and he was trying to move in (ok not really but he was not trying to leave). So I had the blowout with the "friend" and the new guy tried to be there. I was not having any of that and he lived in NC and was just in town for the holiday weekend.

After he went back to NC, we talked off and on but I eventually met the boo. The first time the boo spent the night at my apartment was also the weekend that the guy came back to town. I almost had to juggle but the guy never called me back. I hadn't really talked to him after that. We are Facebook friends but I realize that he just wasn't the hotness--he was more like hot mess.

So why did he send me a message on Facebook tonight with his phone number telling me to call him. Not the business--why do all the random men in my life decide to randomly pop back up? Did he just decide to go through his facebook friends and saw a picture of me looking oh so fly and send me a message? All I have to say is men are truly random.

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