Sunday, June 8, 2008

Angry Black Woman and Personal Space

I had an Angry Black Woman moment today and it was all because this woman decided to continuously invade my personal space. This is a PSA for anyone who likes to invade personal space--Don't Do It!

I was at my least favorite store in need of some printing paper. I stood in the 20 Items or Less line. Well two women decided to get in the line behind me. Cool but they decided to stand a little too closely. I was ok because I just decided to move to the side of the buggy instead of behind the buggy. I place my items on the counter and the cashier rung me up. I pull out my wallet to pay for my items and get my change back. This woman is almost on top of me as I try to put my money in my wallet so there is no hope of me being able to put my items back in my buggy. I finally went off. I looked at her and loudly said, "Get out of my personal space, please!" She decided to respond and I honestly can't tell you what she said but it had something to do with her being in the store of rollback prices. I looked at her like whisky, tango, foxtrot and repeated myself. She continued talking and as she talked I realized there is never an explanation for a stranger in my personal space. I got louder and told her, "Don't talk to me!" I walked away. I thought about as I walked away b/c I know she would have said I was wrong if I had hit her. I mean of course me hitting her would have been a mistake b/c she was so close to me and my arms are just so long. ;)

With all this being said, if you don't know a person don't stand in their personal space. And if you and I aren't intimate don't stand in my personal space.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...


given the fact that you moved once, she was too wrong for that. i would've given her the eye and said, "damn lil... all in my space!"

jameil1922 said...

wait til you go to europe (again?). they are straight STALKER on the personal space tip. it's awful!

DollFace said...

LMAO. I have personal space issues too!

And about the hotel many people are coming down?