Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For real

Ok so Monday my mother and I went out to late lunch/early dinner with another mother and daughter. The mother is my mother's friend from us living in Florida (my dad's linebrother's wife) and the daughter is my friend. We were born a month apart. She is married with a kid and I am the exact opposite. Well anyway we were all talking and they were thinking about the "old" days. We were talking about my godparents. Well I have never never met my godparents. Isn't that some craziness? These are the people who are supposed to take care of me if something happened to my parents and I have never met them. I guess we know who wasn't going to be scooped up by the godparents ever. Well anyway my mother just figured out their first names and is like I can't remember their last names. Can I say they have the most common first names! I guess I will never meet these people.

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