Monday, July 21, 2008


So I have been irritated for about a day now. A whole bunch of reasons but I am irritated.

Why does my granny always wait to the last minute when it comes to her health. Every time she is on her last pill she calls in the prescription and then wants someone else to go get it. This would be ok if she didn't call in the prescription right before the pharmacy closes and you aren't home and nowhere near the pharmacy. This has happened on more than one occasion. Well tomorrow she has a colonoscopy and she is not allowed to use her insulin until after the procedure. She can only eat clear foods--broth and certain kinds of jello. Well we all know that the broth isn't going to keep up her blood sugar so she needs the jello. She goes grocery shopping every Thursday or Friday. Before she went grocery shopping last week she discussed with me the stuff on her list that she could eat and drink. So for the surprise, wait for it--she didn't buy jello. So around 1:30 she decides she wants jello. She can only eat lemon or lime jello. Do you know how hard it is to find already made lemon or lime jello. Let's just say I went over the river and across the bend and found none. This means that jello has to be made and it takes about four hours for it to set. I want to pull my hair out!

I saw "Wanted" this weekend. The action was great but I could have clearly waited for it to come to dvd. I do want to say I love Angel.ina.

I just filled my car yesterday and why does my mother take my car to work? I don't have money to continually fill my car b/c she rides out the gas. She leaves her car with a quarter of a tank. The only way I can get her not to drive my car is to keep the tank empty but that is so not healthy for my car. I want to pull the rest of my hair out!

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