Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Randomness

Did I say thank you for the comments and text messages?

I really miss group therapy. I mean some of the issues I couldn't relate to but it was nice to bounce my issues off others.

The bridal shower was beautiful. The theme was "Love and the City". The colors were black and pink. The keepsake for the attendees was a martini glass wrapped in pink tissue paper with a black bow. We made charms for the martini glass. The bride to be was beautiful. She got some really nice gifts and some really freaky gifts. Start the marriage off just right. I am so excited for her. With that being said don't invite me to another wedding this year.

When it is about to be my time I am a little needy so yesterday was rough. I got mad at you for no reason. I would apologize but I am tired fo apologizing to you. Even though I was partially wrong you were too. Yesterday proved to me that reading is truly fundamental.

I broke down and purchased a DVD/VCR combo last week. Yes I have been living in this house without a DVD player. I had to get a combo b/c I bought some workout stuff and it came with a video cassette. I am ready to get my workout on.

I am very observant. If I say something then chances are it is not just in reference to your most recent statement. It is probably in reference to a lot of things you said. Normally I just get fed up with hearing the same thing over and over and try to point out exactly what you already said. So don't get mad when what you said comes out of my mouth. I could have said it verbatim but I try to say it nicer than you did.

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