Friday, July 18, 2008


I haven't blogged in forever b/c I am still working on my 4th of July post. I remember everything that happened I just don't feel like putting it down on virtual paper. Ok I do feel like putting it down on virtual paper but am taking my sweet time.

Ok so can I say that I am mad at Jack.son but I can almost understand what he was trying to say or at least thinking. I repeat almost. You should never think of cast.rating someone and if you do think about it make sure there is no microphone nearby. You can be angry but express your anger in an articulate manner at least when it comes to the media.

I say almost because I completely understand what the presumptive nominee was saying but his message didn't go to the people who needed to hear it. I don't think he was talking down but I do think the message didn't get to people who needed it. You know the deadbeats. The deadbeats were not in church that Sunday--they don't celebrate Father's Day like that, if they do celebrate Father's Day. Mr. Rainbow should have kept his thoughts to himself or at least made that a truly private conversation. I think he is really just mad because presumptive nominee doesn't need him in this election. He just wants to be needed and is mad that he is about to be obselete.

I was watching a video and someone said that Mr. Rainbow is the most important civil rights leader of this time and I knew then that we have trouble. Who appointed him the leader of a movement? Better yet how does he speak for a whole group of people? If you really look back at the original movement he is only around because he was in that picture of MLK being shot. Where was he when "our" leaders were being locked up and what not? He was minding his own business. He truly just got lucky and has been riding on that luck for 40 years.

I have more to talk about but I am tired and need a nap.

To be continued....

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