Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok so I need this is like my 15th post today but I had to share this one.

Wednesday I received an email from one of my sorors. She asked me about some girl who claimed to have crossed my undergrad chapter around the time I was at Hampton. The girl said she attempted Hampton from 2001-2004. When she mentioned the girls name I was like all I can say is she isn't my linesister and I don't think she crossed the line after mine. She showed me a picture of the girl and I was like I have never seen her in my life. Well I said let me make sure because I had only been to Hampton twice since I graduated and one time was before Spring '04 crossed and the other time I was drunk most of the time (it was Homecoming and I lost my mind that year--may be why I haven't been back). I contacted my little sister and she was like she isn't my linesister. I then told my little sister what the girl claimed her line name was. The story gets better. The girl is using another girl's line name. But it gets better. She is using the line name of a girl who lives in the same city as her.

That might not seem like a great story but the girl she is pretending to be just moved to her city and joined the grad chapter that is over the chapter that advises the undergrad chapter in that city. She actually went up to one of the people in the grad chapter and pretended she crossed AK.A. She said she hadn't gotten around to joining the undergrad chapter but she wanted to do stuff in the name of the sorority.

My biggest issue is why in the heck are you concerning yourself with sorority business when your behind started undergrad 7 years ago. Even if you were a member of the organization school should be you top priority. She is 26 years old trying to be all up and through undergrad business.

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