Sunday, July 27, 2008

All About Me

ten random things about me...
1. I was born in Orange County and grew up in Peach County
2. I am addicted to crime shows
3. I collect tote bags--I think I have gotten a new one each month this year.
4. I hate trying things on when shopping and will return something after trying it on at home.
5. I can't walk around most places with shoes or socks (mostly homes)
6. I spend most of my money on food.
7. I can't use the bathroom with socks on.
8. Up until I moved back home I started each morning off with sitting on the toilet talking to myself.
9. Some days I don't eat but I am not anorexic--some days I am honestly not hungry. I will force myself to eat b/c I get hunger headaches but my stomach is not affected by not eating. I try to work on it but some days I just am not hungry.
10. I crave Sonics Lemon-Berry Slush.

nine ways to win my heart...
9. Compliments
8. Don't have asshole tendencies
7. Intelligence
6. Show concern
5. Cook me a meal
4. Rub my feet and back
3. Let me ramble
2. Run my bath and ...
1. Accept the good and the crazy

eight things I want to do before I die...
8. Visit Egypt
7. Take my mommy on a all expenses paid vacation
6. Start my own profitable business
5. Pay off debts to ensure that the kiddies will have all my money free and clear
4. Buy a vacation home
3. See all the beautiful sites of America
2. Love someone unconditionally on that other level
1. get married and have chaps

7 ways to annoy me...
7. tell me it will all work out (I don't want to hear that)
6. Talk about problems and offer no solutions
5. Make an offer and then forget about it
4. Take me for granted
3. ask me some dumb shit
2. Be rude
1. Expect me to kiss your ass

six things I believe in...
6. Friendship
5. Love
4. Karma
3. Trust
2. Freedom
1. myself

five things I am afraid of...
5. Getting my heart broken
4. Losing friends
3. Dying alone
2. Never succeeding at my chosen career
1. Falling

four of my favorite things...
4. TV
3. Alone time
2. underwear
1. cooking

three things i do everyday...
3. check my email
2. Sleep
1. think about God

Two things I wanna do right now...
2. Eat
1. Let it go

one person i wanna see right now...
That person knows who they are

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. You say "chaps?" i thought my fam in charlotte were the only US black folks that say that.

2. so...start a business. You can start today! What type of business do you want to start?