Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Week

I have a lot to say and hopefully I will remember all of it.

My granny had her surgery on Wednesday. She is doing well. She is supposed to lie on her back. She was not trying to hear that. She had us propping her up to get her on her side. I left the hospital and my mom said she finally decided that she had to lie on her back. They weren't giving her enough pain medication but now she is very rested.

The man called to check on me and to see how many granny was doing. I mean that is what he is supposed to but it still felt good to hear his voice and the concern.

The other man keeps calling me and I really don't like him on that level. He is so sweet and all that but he is too old for me and I am not physically attracted to him. He also lives in another state. I don't want any parts of that. How do I let him down? And why do I keep attracting these men? I am so not in the market and it has nothing to do with man previously mentioned. I really just want to have some me time to figure out what I want.

I am so excited about my back's wedding this weekend. I know she is going to be a beautiful bride and I know that their marriage will be happy. He is definitely the kind of man that you want to take home to your mom. His family adores her and her family adores him. I can't wait to witness this one. I also can't wait b/c this is my last wedding to attend this year. I am a hostess so hopefully I will have pictures to upload for you all.

I am also excited about this weekend b/c I feel almost like an adult. I know that sounds wierd b/c I am 27 but this is the first time I am going somewhere I have never been to and I am renting a car. I never rent cars unless it is absolutely necessary--that means I have only rented a car once.

Once again I have to give a shout out to DollFace. The girl is supportive and loving. If she is your friend take good care of your relationship. She is also hilarious. Thanks for talking to me yesterday and checking on me. I hope everything is ok with your friend.

Ok you all know that my granny had surgery and before the surgery she couldn't eat or drink for 12 hours. She kept talking about how she wanted fried chicken. It was hilarious. My mom told us that a person she knew had the same surgery and they couldn't eat fried foods afterwards. So then my mom decides that she is going to stop eating fried foods. After they take my granny down to the OR I take my mom to get something to eat b/c she stole my car from me. This is literally five minutes after she says she is not going to eat fried foods. We are driving down the street and I ask her what she wants to eat. We see a Church's Chicken and she is like let's go there. I had to make up a word on that one. I told her that she can't have that because that is the most friedest food there is. Yes I said friedest! Needless to say I didn't stop there.

Ok so I forgot some of it but I am sure it will come back to me when I am on the plane trying to get to my destination and no internet.

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Ellie said...

I'm glad your grandmother is doing okay. She is still in my prayers. She is lucky and blessed to have you and your mom nearby.

Enjoy your weekend!