Friday, August 8, 2008

Randomness for 08/08/08

Happy 08/08/08 to all my lovely sorors!

Did you really think I was going to take the bait and have a conversation about that? HAHAHAHA!

Dude I know how you have done your friends in the past so I am dealing with you at arm's length. You probably didn't like what I said but it was the truth. I try to speak the truth regularly but sometimes I slip up and lie. That was not one of those times.

Did she really look like a movie star? I mean she was pretty already. You just didn't realize it.

So am I wrong for wanting to walk myself down the aisle if someone ever proposes? I mean I would love for my mom to do it but then I want her to have her mother of the bride moment. I figure I don't belong to daddy so can he really give me away.

How are you going to tell me how it works in the legal field when it comes to applying for a job. Last I checked you were engineer with no job. Yeah I will definitely take your advice. HAHAHAHA!

Dollface is cool as heck. We don't talk on the phone often but she always come through. I think she knows when I need a little attention and then I have a text message. That is why we are friends. We can give each other space and come around when there is a need. I love you so much! Can't wait to sip margaritas on the beach. Just don't be inviting randoms--there must be approval first. There are some people I expect to join in and then there are others.

If someone ever proposes can I have 50 hostesses or 50 honorary bride's maids? I mean I just don't want to have a big bridal party. I am exaggerating with the 50 but only by about 5 or 10 (just kidding).

Jam, thanks for all the words of encouragement in the past. I have been doing a better job with the bible and I am doing better with my faith. Keep passing on the word and I will do the same.

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