Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok so I was on my grad school's alumni site and someone started the discussion about the whole HBCU experience vs. PWI experience. I quickly took offense b/c to make the PWI experience seem better they quickly put down the HBCU experience. I read, "we bonded with black people more b/c there were so few of us, my financial aid was on time, I can get a job anywhere, I had air conditioning." I guess I must have had a special HBCU experience b/c I bonded with a lot of people and it had nothing to do with their race. I mean there were people I didn't like but I seriously doubt we didn't bond b/c of their race. When classes started I only had to pay what I owed--my scholarship was posted to my account. I guess I could get a job anywhere but then again I didn't try b/c I got into your PWI. I had air conditioning too. I mean I guess I can see where they were coming from but did you have to put down my experience to get there. I honestly appreciate my HBCU experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I won't comment on my take on the PWI experience.

So it is official--my feet are the hotness! I was in the airport and some random man told me he liked my feet and actually discussed it with his wife/woman. Not the first time my feet have been complimented but it is the first time that a man has had a conversation with his significant other about my feet. Not the first time that someone has conversed about the hotness of my feet either.

My mother and I are being run ragged by this whole granny in the hospital thing. My mother finally came home today to get her car and guess who didn't leave it here? Can you say pissed? I did make it home in enough time to wash--I just need to finish drying. I will do that in the morning. My mother hasn't slept in her bed since last Thursday.

Speaking of the trifling people in my family--my uncle has officially been caught in a lie. So he didn't go to work on Sunday b/c he was allegedly sick with worry about my granny. He told my mother that he went to the doctor to get checked. He went to the hospital on Sunday to "relieve" my mother so she could rest. He kept calling her to see where she was and when she was coming back. Well when I got home Sunday night he wasn't here and didn't get home until almost 3 in the morning. He got up and went to the hospital on Monday morning to "see" granny. Well today I put two and two together. He left the hospital to go spend some time with some woman and got my granny's doctor's receptionist to give him an excuse. The only reason why he went to see my granny on Monday was to get the excuse. He hasn't been back to see her since that day but he has made time to go to the gym for hours each morning.

The wedding was beautiful! The bride wore her mother's wedding dress for the ceremony and then changed after being introduced at the wedding. Of course I have no pictures of me b/c I left my camera in the car. I would have gone back to get it but I felt terrible. My allergy was acting up from the corsage I had on. The groom was so excited. When she walked into the church he started crying and when she made it to the end of the aisle he mouthed that he loved her. It was one of those weddings that you just felt the love. I am jealous and I will not lie. But not crazy jealous just jealous that I don't have a love like that. I wish them the best and I know that they will be ok in their life together.

Oh yeah I got to fly first class. That was truly the hotness.

I talked to the man last night and we talked for a little while about weddings and why did he say that if he ever got married there would be at least 8 groomsmen and he could go for 12. I have a lot of friends but I just feel like I don't have 12 friends that I can ask to stand before God and support my marriage. And by support I mean when we have problems I can call and they are willing to listen and give me sound advice and push us to make it work. Ok looking at that sentence I guess anyone I consider a friend can do that so maybe there are more than 12 people. But that is still a lot of people. Oh well I don't see marriage to each other in our future. I actually don't see marriage in his future but I see it in mine.

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