Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It is catching up to me!

I am stressed and it is about to make me physically sick. I am starting to have chest pains. I try to talk to some of my friends about it but I get the cold shoulder from some and others I just can't talk to about it. I would talk to my mom but she is the cause of some of the stress. I am leaning on God's word but it is so hard. I want to talk but I want to know that I won't be judged or pitied. I want a shoulder to cry on. I don't want to hear that it will be ok (I have heard that for the past 12 months or so-give me something new). I wish I was still @ UGA so I could get some affordable counseling.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the university counseling svcs are really good. Gonna miss them myself!

I feel you on not wanting folks to tell you everything will be better.

So I will say...the situation sucks. Yet amidst the suckiness of unemployment you have a strength, fabulousness, and honesty that is admirable.


DollFace said...

Even though my shoulder is many many miles away, it is still here for you. I realize I've been so busy trying to balance my life that I have been neglecting my friends. I'm sorry but I am, and will always be, here for you.