Monday, September 1, 2008


It has truly been a trying 24 hours. I was without a place to rest my head last night b/c I had a moment. I needed to get away from my family for a little while and I did. My girl RDE is truly Ride or Die! She came through even though she was going through a very personal time in her life. I will definitely be lifting her up in my prayers. When I arrived at our destination last night I stepped in an ant bed. It was as bad as it sounds except I didn't know what I stepped in b/c it was dark outside. My left foot is swollen.

This morning was ok but I eventually had to come back home. I let my mom know that I was coming home and she told me that I couldn't come into my neighborhood the way I normally do because the police had blocked off the entrance. They blocked it off b/c one of the neighborhood crackheads was threatening people and someone called the police. The SWAT team came and by the time I got home they had gotten him out of the house with tear gas. His mother was at our house b/c we are close with their family.

Well when I was about to drive down my street I thought it was still blocked off b/c there was an ambulance in the middle of the street. I drive around the neighborhood the long way and get close to my house and realize that the ambulance is at my house. I pull up and find out that my granny is in the back of the ambulance. She passed out or something. My mother said she went to the bathroom and when she came back my granny was straight as a rod in the chair she normally sits in when she sits up for awhile during the day. She tried to communicate with my granny but she was unresponsive.

I drive my mommy to the ER while my granny and uncle are in the ambulance. If I hadn't come home when I did I would have never known that my granny had an episode. No one called me or anything. I know my mommy wouldn't have called b/c she was calm for once and handled the situation.

My granny made it to the ER and everybody stayed for about an hour and then disappeared. This includes my granny's other two children. The trifling uncle said he was so drained and tired. He needed something to eat. He came home, ate and of course left his mess in the kitchen and no one has heard from him since.

My granny is staying at the hospital tonight for observation and of course my mom has to stay with her. My granny refuses to stay by herself for the night. My mommy isn't going to make it like this much longer.

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