Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Blogging is about venting so I feel like I need to vent.

My dad is full isht. He called my mother and I just happened to answer the phone--me and my mom have separate phone lines and she just happened to walk out of the house right before the phone rang. Mind you I have a cell phone and house phone so if you didn't call either of those you weren't calling for me. So he called and says I haven't heard from you. I am thinking that is because I haven't called you. He goes on a rant about how I could call and check on him. I was thinking the same thing since the last two weeks I was having chest pains and a permanent headache but he only calls to fuss. I understand that he has high blood pressure but I have issues too. I check on his issues just like he checks on mine. Does he know that I am trying to figure out how to pay my student loans and credit card bills? No b/c he doesn't call asking about me. He just fusses because I haven't called him. I just have no words. He even had the nerve to tell me that I didn't know what tired was when I was talking about taking care of my grandmother. Can you say pissed? It is one of the hardest things to take care of person who was once capable of taking care of themselves. You are frustrated and they are frustrated which isn't good. And to top it all off we are both alike so you know sparks fly and it is just tiring.

Ok I am finished venting for the day.

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MHJ said...

Your dad sounds like mine. :-( I hope your feel better. Try to take some time to just meditate/pray. I'm concerned about you having chest pains and a head ache. :-(