Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random but that is what I am known for

It has been a few days. I am still somewhat stressed but I did my own thing this weekend. I got a new purse, picture frame and a pedicure. I paid some bills. I paid those by the grace of God b/c trust and believe my account was looking real messy. I was able to pay a loan payment so you know God took care of me!

Here is a picture of the purse:

Since we are talking about my stress I have another example of how stressed I am. I don't remember when I had my last cycle. I know I saw it twice in August but who remembers when. Yeah you read right-2 times.

Thank you MJ for saying the right thing at the right time. It really warmed my heart and let me forget about the stress for once.

You are my friend but I am having a hard time getting over your rudeness to me. I mean I was looking out for your best interest and I stated that. I didn't say anything mean to you like other people did. I also went off what you had just told me days before. I mean my feelings were truly hurt.

I may have hurt the man's feelings. He wanted to hear something and I told him what was my truth and he wanted something else. I mean my truth was good just not what he wanted to hear. I hurt his ego a little but he knows I still care.

My granny sat outside for the first time since before the surgery. She is making progress but she is still not doing enough as far as I am concerned.

You know I missed my 1 year anniversary for this blog--it was almost 3 months ago.

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Anonymous said...

I want that purse...but take care of yourself soror!!! -Davia