Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Was Wrong

...but that doesn't mean your customer service has to get crunk with me.

Ok so I was wrong about the stripe on my car. I wasn't as concerned about the stripe as I was about the door that refused to unlock when you hit the automatic lock/unlock button. But the point of this is to tell you how when I take the car back the owner of said establishment pissed me off once again. He felt the need to prove that I was wrong. He does this by pulling out the old door from my car and leaving it sitting out to show me that I was wrong. Was it that serious? I guess it was for him. Trust and believe the next time my car is in any type of collision I will not be heading to his establishment. Didn't he get the memo--the customer is always right. Even if the customer isn't right refer back to the sentence the customer is always right. I am sure the fact that I won't be returning to his establishment won't hurt him but trust and believe I will feel much better!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

he didn't need to be extra. now you're going to tell all your people not to patronize him. i sure he didn't want that when he was showing off and telling you how wrong you were. Girl, tell the WORLD!

eclectik said...

Love the post...glad I found the blog; I will be back


jameil1922 said...

you know you need to write a letter to the owner, right? that's my fave.