Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Just Want to Complain

Ok so this has been on my mind for more than six years! Yeah I know that's a long time but it's not my fault people keep bringing it up.

I am a and what? Why do you feel it necessary to say lega.cies should wait to cross grad chapter? I crossed undergrad and I have been active since day one. Forgive me if my mother showed me the greatness that is Al.pha Ka.ppa Alp.ha Sorority, Inc. Trust and believe I worked for my letters and still do even with the unnecessary drama I have to go through. This is the first year that I have not paid my dues on time and honestly it is not my fault. It is my former grad.uate chapter's fault for not sending me my transfer papers. I am on committees and I do the work of the organization. Some of the same people who talk about lega.cies haven't paid dues since they crossed or better yet they still haven't made anybody's line b/c they don't have the qualities that any organization is looking for.

Thanks for listening. I will get down off my soapbox now.

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MHJ said...


I am a legacy, also, and I see nothing wrong with legacies wanting to join Alpha Kappa Alpha as undergraduates. Neither my sister or I used the "legacy clause" to get in - simply because we knew our AKA mom had taught us to be the kind of women AKA wants AND we were fortunate to join chapters that appreciated and loved legacies.

Why wouldn't anyone like legacies!?!?! (Sure, there are a few jerks, but hell, I know a hell of a lot more non legacies who are jerks!)