Monday, January 28, 2008


So me and the boo are doing well--we made it a whole month without any major arguments. If you know me and my mood swings you will know that this is amazing. I think last year we spent more time not talking to each other than together. I remember two times where I didn't talk to him for at least 2 months straight. The longest time last year was about 16 weeks.

Sunday is the Super Bowl. I am excited but more importantly I get to make my Super Bowl Gumbo. I started this in 2003. Last year I didn't make it b/c I was clearly studying for the bar but I didn't miss the game. I think I am rooting for the Giants but since I don't follow either team it just depends on how I feel on Sunday.

This weekend I got to see my friend fulfill one of her many dreams. I can now call her Soror! She loved my arts and crafts projects. I have pictures and as soon as I get my new cord I will upload. She is one of my closest friends but I don't think she even knows that b/c we don't really talk as often. She is very busy and I understand. I am her sounding board whenever she needs it and I know that I can get the same for her! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southern Belle--I realize while reading your blog I don't know if I should comment b/c then I may give away your other identity--so with that being said can I comment on both and not reveal your identity? I want to comment but I want to respect your identity--hope that makes sense. I am also upset that I didn't realize until after the party that we didn't take one picture together.

I want to cook something new but I am such a picky eater that I don't like all the stuff that recipes call for.

I am so crunk for Obama and him being supported by most of the Kennedy family. That random niece is supporting Hillary (ok maybe she isn't random b/c she clearly is/was the Lt. Gov. of MD).

So I got my car fixed about a month ago and the man who fixed it is tripping. The door wasn't put on there right and my car had a stripe. He tells me that my car didn't. I think I would know this best since I have had the car since 1997. Also I kept looking at the stripe thinking it is peeling how can I get that fixed.

I am ready for this coming weekend b/c I am also going to a stepshow. Full weekend--there will be fun had.

So how do I tell a friend to be very careful about a relationship? I gave some obvious hints earlier but clearly it is not getting through. He is still trying to be with his ex-girlfriend as in move away to be with her! What would you do?

The most random thought of this post: I want a baby more than I want to be married but I just don't see me being a single mother. If you know how I feel about being left alone with children you would know why I don't see me being a single mother. By myself with a child all day everyday would not be healthy for the both of us.

How do you feel about giving a man an ultimatum? I think I am against it but it works for some people.

How does it feel to fail the bar? I was thinking about someone who failed the bar by one point and I just look at the board of bar examiners and wonder why not give them the point or take away some points.

I want sushi!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

root for the Giants! the pats have enough wins! and the coach is a cheater!

since your friend is a guy, hints don't work. come out and tell him the deal and let him make his own decision. for real, guys are dense and they can't read between the lines. tell him straight up.

Complex Simplicity said...

If you come up here I have the BEST sushi place to go to! Yummy!

You're fine to comment. Everybody knows I have 2 blogs; only 2 of you know the URL to both (that I know of anyway).


Bump that cord...get a memory card reader!

It sucks that we didn't take a pic together...I realized that I didn't take pics with most people:(

I have recipes for spinach pasta, enchiladas, stuffed shells, etc. What type of food do you have a taste for?