Friday, January 4, 2008

I Remembered

I remembered the other things I wanted to write about and even found a post it to write it down on.

Question: Why do people say once you have sex you can't stop? I don't believe this but then I am not one of those people who go out and just do the deed with any and everybody. If there is no emotion involved then I have no use for it. The one or two times that no emotion was involved were the only times that I even thought to do the deed with said individuals.

I love myself but I don't think I am as happy with myself as I could be. I see my flaws and I don't like them. I am working on loving those flaws and correcting some of them (at least the ones that need to be corrected). (When I feel like discussing it and breaking it down more there will be a longer post about this but right now I am still finding and truly conquering my issues about this one.)

I am not a holy roller or anything but I strongly believe in God and all that he does for us as a whole. So imagine my anger when this little old lady said God had nothing to do with the rain on the evening news and how people need to stop holding prayer meetings for rain. Ok maybe there shouldn't be prayer meetings but I know I am going to pray that this state/region receives more rain b/c I don't like the idea of running out of drinking water among other things. She said it so matter of factly and it pissed me off.

So I sent out Christmas cards and the address labels had CSM, J.D. I was hoping that people weren't thinking I was flaunting the J.D. I really wasn't those were leftover labels from my graduation thank you cards. Once those are all used up there will be no more address labels that announce my profession unless I am sending out business mail. I was so disturbed when I received cards back that said CSM, J.D. and I was really hoping that the people didn't think I was being all uppity and whatnot. I am proud to be a J.D. but the people I sent the cards to already knew about the two extra letters behind my name--no need to announce it again.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

it sad when you have to think twice about being proud of your credentials. whatever, if someone got their underwear in a knot over your label, THEY have issues, not you my professional black woman :-)

DollFace said...

Umm...once you earn them they are YOURS to do whatever you want, It's part of who you are so FLAUNT it