Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I Think

Were Hillary's tears real? I mean I love Bill but I can't say the same for Hillary.

Why do I have to call you to ask you to send me paper in the mail when you could have told me to download it from your website. Shullbit!

I am too cute to be unhappy!

Damn striking writers!

Damn those networks who decided to have a show at 10:00 p.m. most nights b/c there is always something else on that I want to see.

Me and my boo have a running joke that isn't that funny to me but I am working through it. That or soon he is going to get cursed out--we will find out sooner or later.

I am so excited about the reunion! I can't wait to see my girls and maybe future husband will be there. I didn't send him the Christmas card b/c I just wasn't feeling it at that time.

My mommy defended her dissertation today so as soon as she makes the necessary corrections to her paper she will be Dr. Coco's MOM. I am so proud of her and glad it is over b/c she doesn't remember how to do simple stuff on a computer (I had to fix a couple of long quotes--you know the indents and what not).

I need to send out the email to my friends about my birthday celebration. I have the itinerary. If my out of town friends come I am going to get a nice hotel room and the plan is to pay for it myself b/c I got the hookup but don't tell anybody.

Good question: Do really wanna go, or do you not know how to stay?

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