Thursday, January 3, 2008


I want to be somewhere else right now.

I ordered the flyest shoes a couple of weeks ago and they came in the mail yesterday. So beautiful but a half size too small :( Hopefully I can get the right size before the Blackout II!

Why do I feel like I am being hazed by this man who is trying to help me get a job? Dude, gave me a research task. You know I am stuff so I did it immediately but I still feel hazed.

I want to thank my friends who check up on me via this blog. I wish we talked more often but I will be honest and say I don't call you b/c I hate when you are busy and can't answer my phone call. That may be why when we talk it is usually b/c you call me. I love you bunches--I hope you know I am talking to you!

I can't wait until Blackout weekend b/c I get to see my sistafriends and my sister from another family (forget that mister mess).

I have planned my birthday weekend but the more I look at the itinerary that is a lot to do in two days.

You know what irritates me? I am so irritated when people say she is a "beautiful, BLACK girl. Why can't she just be beautiful? The same goes with any other random adjective.


Complex Simplicity said...

Hey girlie!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope your shoes come in time...can't wait to see you!

I pray for great things in 08 for you CSM, Esq!

jameil1922 said...

we need 2c these shoes!!! lol